Churails Review :story of witchhunt of culprits

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Hey guys today I want talk about the latest series by ZEE5 premiered on 11‘th of August 2020 .The name of this series is Churails . This series is written and directed by British- Pakistani filmmaker Asim Abbasi. It is ZEE5 Exclusive Zindagi Original series starring Mehar Bano, Sarwat Gillani , Yasra Rizvi and Nirma Bucha. So does this name (Churail) rings a bell ๐Ÿ˜› ?Sounds spooky right ? When i saw the name, I thought this would be something to do with supernatural ,but I was wrong ๐Ÿ˜‰

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So Churails is series based on the lives of four women who comes together from different background under one roof for a same cause. A Trophy wife ,a burkha-clad boxer,a murderer and a single rich woman come together to fight back the patriarchal society by catching the men who are unfaithful, cheats and betrays. For this they form together a detective agency ,they get into designing outfits at boutique called Halal Designs. The story is based at Karachi,Pakistan.The language hence is mostly in Urdu and Hindi which sounds soothing and sophisticated .

About the cast ;  Nimra Bucha plays as Batool the ex-convict .She plays a very strong role in the series.She has a very strong and empowering presence .

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 Zubaida the Boxer is played by Mehar Bano. She is vibrant and looking for freedom from typical patriarchal society .She joins the group to attain her motive. She has perfectly done justice to her role.

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The role of Sara is played by Sarwat Gilani Mirza, the ex-lawyer and present Trophy Wife.She has played role of wedding planner and perfect wife.Watch her journey of self discovery and forming the detective agency as finds out her husband has been cheating on her since long time .

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Jugnuย is played byย Yasra Rizvi.ย She is again a trophy wife who plays .She is playing a role of someone who is alcohol addict.She has to face wrath of society who keeps calling her trophy wife.

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These superwomen dresses up in Burkhas whenever they head towards their mission .It indeed it serves as their armor and strength. The storyline is quiet realistic here, skipping away the existence of super heroes . This series has ten episodes power packed with drama,thrill and also fun in between.It all starts with Sara who finds her husband cheating on her since long and so one after another all these four women face issues in life and gets together to form the detective agency. As the story moves it puts light on the different aspects women have to go through like eve teasing,domestic violence,forced child marriages etc.

After the fifth episode ,the story takes turn into thrilling twist when there arises a matter of someone missing.The Churail gang takes the matter in their hand and starts investigating thoroughly. It unexpectedly lands them into the dirty picture of flesh trade and the faces behind it. It shows Karachi in all its beauty and also the dirty picture.By the end this turns into serious thriller

The series gets little dramatic in some places but its really interesting to watch these super women taking good course of the action which it can termed as #MainChurailHoon .I loved to watch how women who once were victim of patriarchal society,now takes their own stand and decision . They no more depend on men for any step ahead .This is sign of real liberty of freedom and not feminism.These secret detectives did well in exposing expose the Karachi’s unfaithful husbands. Its also refreshing to watch how the tabboos of society are broken in this series.This series will be definitely refreshing watch for all. Moreover I loved to to watch this Pakistani web series that adds up to liberation of women first ever time .Isn’t it interesting to know :)Its good to encourage such huge step for empowerment of women.I was really glad to see this series .I recommend watch the thrilling series Churails on ZEE5 ๐Ÿ™‚

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